Urembo Art Exhibition 

Urembo Art Exhibition celebrates cultural arts beauty. ‘Urembo’ is a Swahili word meaning beauty … the exhibit shows beautiful contemporary African works of art.

The works of art are carefully curated to show beauty spanning several generations of Kenyan art and artists.

Urembo art exhibition starts on November 9, 2017 and runs through January 31, 2018. It’s taking place at the Creativity Gallery in the National Museum, Nairobi.

Urembo Is Art With Heart

Urembo is about relationships … the relationship between beauty and cultural arts … art with heart.

It’s one of two cultural art exhibits … the Hekima (Wisdom) and Urembo (Beauty) art exhibitions.

There are beautiful cultural objects from the National Museums of Kenya on display in the Hekima and Urembo cultural arts exhibitions.

These pieces were selected by Eric Manya and Mary Ogembo.

Exhibiting Artists At Urembo Art Exhibition

There’s a good mix of Kenyan artists from different generations in this art exhibition … making it one of a kind in all the beauty of African art.

The relationship between some of the artists cuts across generations as evidenced by the older generations exhibiting side by side with some of their mentees.

  • Elkana Ong’esa  
  • Sane Wadu
  • Morris Foit
  • Eunice Wadu
  • Gerald Olewe
  • Gerald Mutondi
  • Patrick Mukabi
  • Alex Wainaina
  • Mary Ogembo
  • Lydia Galavu
  • Yassir Ali
  • Shabu Mwangi
  • Bebeto Thufu
  • Nadia Wamunyu
  • Gloria Muthoka

The older Kenyan artists’ generation (elders) is represented by the likes of Elkana Ong’esa, and Sane Wadu among others.

Elkana is an accomplished Kenyan stone sculptor with sculptures in various parts of the world.

His soapstone sculpture ‘Enyamuchera’ (Bird of Peace in Kisii dialect) stands at the UNESCO office in Paris, France since 1980 as part of their art collection.

He currently mentors young sculptors at his workshop in Kisii County, Kenya.

He’s taught the arts at various institutions amongst them Lingnam University in Hong Kong, Baraton University, Kenya … and Kisii Teachers College.

Sane Wadu is a founder of the Ngecha Art Village. He began painting professionally in the 1980s … that time it was considered unusual to choose art as a career.

It is said that he endured ridicule from friends and neighbors for giving up a career in teaching to become an artist … they started referring to him as insane … and he responded by adopting the name ‘Sane’ to disprove their taunts

He lives in Naivasha and runs the Sane Wadu Arts Trust … a centre for therapeutic arts programs for orphaned children and those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Wadu has been an influencer in the Kenyan art world over the years inspiring, training and enabling many Kenyan artists.

The Urembo and Hekima cultural art exhibitions are one of a kind … they’ve put together a program that affects the arts and cultural fraternity positively.

The art exhibitions comes with lots of art and cultural activities … of these are art workshops involving different mediums of art … art events among them talks and performances.

This Mural Stands At The DreamKona At Uhuru Gardens - Nairobi. It Was Done During The Arts and Culture Day Of Fun November 25, 2018 As Part Of The Urembo And Hekima Art Activities / Photo By Isaac Miriri

These art workshops and museum events take place in the months of November and December 2017.

Urembo art exhibition is curated by Eric Manya who’s also a Kenyan artist. He worked together with the artist Mary Ogembo in putting together the art exhibitions.

The Urembo Art Exhibition is put together through the partnership of Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health (TICAH) and the National Museums of Kenya.  

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