lively nairobi art events and exhibitions

Nairobi city is abuzz with art events and exhibitions … there are several top art galleries and spaces showing art throughout the year.

This have enhanced the output of modern and contemporary African art in Nairobi … and also from around Kenya and the East African region.

Several art galleries and centers are showing new works monthly. And others for a few weeks ... making for interesting times for the art lovers, collectors and the artists.

Art Auctions

Nairobi have the ever growing Modern and Contemporary East African Art Auction conducted by the Circle Art Agency.

The Circle Art Auction is touted as the most anticipated art event in Nairobi.

The art auction have continued to surpass expectations as art collectors buy the modern and contemporary East African Art auctioned in this prestigious art event.

The Circle Art Agency runs the Circle Art Gallery in the city ... it holds art exhibitions here and abroad.

Art Installations

There are different types of exhibitions including art installations.

Art galleries and centers … and artists have continued to embrace art installation … and we’re seeing more exhibitions in this area.

Syowia Kyambi is a leading visual artist doing experimental multi-media productions incorporating performance, installation, video and photography.

Syowia Kyambi's Art Installation - Nairobi Art EventBetween Us Art Installation By Syowia Kyambi - Workshop Participants At The GoDown Arts Centre - Photo/Isaac Miriri

Photography Exhibitions

Photography exhibitions aren’t a daily occurrence within the Nairobi art events and exhibitions … although they’re a part of the exhibitions calendar.

We’ve seen some exciting photography exhibitions in the past … like the ones mounted by art photographer James Muriuki … both as an artist and a curator.

Some notable past group photo exhibitions include ‘Mwangalio Tofauti’ - Nine Photographers from Kenya at the Nairobi Gallery curated by the Goethe-Institut Kenya.

The ‘Kenya Burning’ photo exhibition organized by the GoDown Arts Centre on the post-election violence that rocked the country after the 2007 presidential elections.

The 24 Nairobi is another highlight photography exhibition that looked at life in the city. All these photography exhibitions ended with book catalogues.

Nairobi Art Events And Festivals

Nairobi hosts several arts events within its various art and cultural centers. There’s always a few of these happenings going on at any given time …

Kenya Art Fair is an annual event organized by the Kuona Trust Art Centre for the visual arts … it focuses on contemporary Kenyan art and that of the East African region.

The Kenya Art Fair brings together art galleries and centers, art studios and collectives, artists and art experts, collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

By and large … the art exhibitions make the bulk of the Nairobi art events and festivals.

The art exhibitions are by leading and talented emerging artists alike … both from Kenya and cutting across the East African nations.

Some 2017 Art Exhibitions 

Among these art exhibitions are ‘AIRBrush’ – Brush Tu Artist In Residence Art Exhibition produced by three East African artists from Uganda and Tanzania at the Kuona Trust Art Centre.

Constellations and Sediments III – Flight art exhibition shows Peterson Kamwathi’s current works of mixed media drawing, stenciling, and spray painting on paper … it exhibits in Vienna Austria.

 ‘Proximity to Power’ … an art exhibition by four Kenyan artists at the Circle Art Gallery in Nairobi coinciding with Kenya’s general elections 2017.

The Kenya Arts Diary - Appointment Book 2018 was officially launched on November 4, 2017 at the Nairobi National Museum.

The Urembo Art Exhibition celebrates beauty found in cultural arts practices. This art exhibition cuts across generations of Kenyan artists producing contemporary African art … 

Nairobi art have seen an incredible growth in the recent years … both in the physical art spaces and online. You can find current Nairobi art events here

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