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Nairobi Art Galleries - Top 5 Must Visit In 2018

The visual arts in Nairobi have grown tremendously in the past few years. The top art galleries offer numerous art exhibitions, and events throughout the year. Here’s a look at the top 5 must visit Nairobi Art Galleries in 2018

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Urembo Art Exhibition – Contemporary African Art

The Urembo art exhibition celebrates beauty found in cultural arts practices. This art exhibition cuts across generations of Kenyan artists producing contemporary African art …

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Nairobi Events And Art Exhibitions In November And December 2017

Nairobi Events and Art Exhibitions in November and December 2017 … highlights some of the art exhibitions and events taking place … this is your arts guide in the city for the said period.

Unknown Untold Artist Talk

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Artist Talk And Conversation About The Exhibition 'Unknown Untold' By Churchill Ongere

Unknown Untold Artist Talk

UNKNOWN UNTOLD is a presentation about how the abstraction of the person is resulted by what the individual hasn't been told and hasn’t found out for him/herself, thus doesn't know.

Resultantly, there's an obstructed and distracted notion of what makes sense and the possibilities at one's disposal. In presenting this body of work, the artist implores the audience to find utility for the concept of UNKNOWN UNTOLD in examining history better from the intrapersonal level, to investigating common microhistories about family lineages, and at a higher level, in interrogating the macrohistories that have shaped global politics and North-South relations.

This exhibition is presented at the British Institute in Eastern Africa as the artist’s commentary on the role of research institutes in a post-colonial space where there is focus on unearthing the unknowns and untolds. What Forms of Erasure Of History Exist? Are there Enough Structures Around Critical Inquiry? What Obstructions, Distraction, or Abstraction are Resulted by Wrong Histories?

Churchill Ongere is perched at the intersection of art practice and advocacy for the neo-liberation of the expression space. He has been practicing as a visual artist for the past three years and before that navigated through other types of art like poetry, music, and graffiti.

Often made after much critical observation, his works are both an illustration and an inquisition into conspicuous and indistinct topics in the contemporary space like history, population, and the politics of human relations. Ongere has participated in exhibitions at various institutions, including Shift Eye Studios (2014), Circle Art Gallery (2015), Saatchi Gallery (2015&16), Turner Contemporary Gallery (2016), and Circle Art Gallery (2017).

The Kenya Arts Diary - Appointment Book 2018

The Kenya Arts Diary/Appointment Book is colorful. It comes with prints of contemporary African artworks accompanied by the artists’ brief bios and contacts … it is a catalogue of sorts

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Circle Art Gallery – Nairobi

Circle Art Gallery exhibits carefully curated, challenging and thought-provoking contemporary art, & provide a venue for presentations by local and international artists, art critics, collectors …

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Kenya Arts Diary 2018 Launch And Arts Exhibition

Kenya Arts Diary 2018

The Kenya Arts Diary arts exhibition is happening at the Cultural Dynamism Gallery in the Nairobi National Museum.

The exhibition runs from 25th October through 4th November, 2017.

The Kenya Arts Diary 2018 launches on November 4, 2017 at the same venue.

This will be marked by other art activities … among them musical performance by the award winning musician Juliani.

Bustling Nairobi Art Events And Exhibitions

The lively Nairobi art events and exhibitions are evidence of incredible visual arts growth in the city ... These make for interesting art times for the art lovers, collectors and artists as well

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Artist In Residence At Brush Tu Art Studio Exhibition

The AIRBrush – a three months Artist In Residence at Brush Tu Art Studio …bringing together three East African artists has culminated in AIRBrush Exhibition - at Kuona Trust Art Centre in Nairobi

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Banana Hill Art Gallery

The Banana Hill Art Gallery is known for its contemporary African art in Nairobi. They’ve lots of African art to choose from at the physical location and their online gallery …

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Mlango Wa Navushiku Art Exhibition

Mlango Wa Navushiku Rehema Chachage

Opening on 30th March through April 18th 2017 at the Circle Art Gallery in Nairobi.

The African Gift In Nairobi

The African gift as per Nairobi arts can be contemporary African art as a painting or sculpture, handmade jewelry and fashion accessories, arts and craft items, curios, artifacts, bronzes … and more

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The Ultimate Nairobi Arts Guide

A Guide to the vibrant Nairobi Art, Heritage and Culture … where to find the best art – paintings, bronzes, crafts and art gifts, artist studios, exhibitions - top galleries, art centers, museums …

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Nairobi Visual Arts - Kenya Art

Nairobi Visual Arts are vast and appeals to art lovers and collectors. They include all forms of painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, photography, installation, mixed media, film and others

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Nairobi Art Gallery Directory

The Nairobi Art Gallery Directory guides you into the top art galleries in the city and the Kenyan art space. These galleries and agencies have regular shows on contemporary East African Art …

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'Painted Faces' By Allan Githuka At The One Off Gallery

Allan Gikthuka’s Contemporary African art exhibition of his paintings titled ‘Painted Faces’ opens to a private showing at the One Off Contemporary Art Gallery in Nairobi on Saturday, 25 February 2017 and runs through 25 March 2017.

‘Painted Faces’ is a promise of bold colors. Githuka presents a series exploring communication between people through facial expression. This is a theme that has been constant with his artworks for many years.

Painted Faces Allan Githuka

There are some beautiful landscape paintings among the artworks lined up for this show.

The ‘Painted Faces’ artworks are a combination of oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas, and mixed media.

The One Off Contemporary Art Gallery lives to its reputation of showing and selling contemporary East African Art.

This art exhibition is curated by Carol Lees, the Director and Curator at One Off Gallery.

Pictures Of African Musical Instruments Played In Nairobi

African Musical Instruments in play by various African musicians in Nairobi. Suzanna Owiyo uses the Nyatiti … as Aly Keita uses the Balafon - Kareyce Fotso uses drum and other instruments

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The GoDown Arts Centre - Nairobi

The GoDown Arts Centre is the home of Kenyan creativity in arts, culture and media. True to this … the multi-disciplinary arts center contributes immensely to the growth of the arts in Nairobi

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Alliance Francaise In Nairobi

The French culture meets the Kenyan one at the Alliance Francaise in Nairobi. Together they’ve brought success in the performing and visual arts, language, as well as showcasing different cultures

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Nairobi Art Centers

Nairobi has various art centers and galleries. These provide you a substantial amount of art experience … from production to high quality finished artworks … cultural centers present culture uniquely

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