Kenya Arts Diary 2018 Launches 

The Kenya Arts Diary 2018 was officially launched on November 4, 2017 at the Nairobi National Museum.

The event was a peak of the arts diary art exhibition that started on 25th October, 2017 at the same venue.

The exhibition showed works that are carried in the Kenya Appointment Book 2018.

The appointment book is a portable art catalogue … it goes with you to the office … to business appointments … it’s art that stares at you any time you open it to diarize an event or enter an appointment.

The Kenya Arts Diary 2018 Art Exhibition Showing At The Nairobi National Museum - Photo/Isaac Miriri

Conventional Diary/Appointment Book 

Even though technology has advanced much and it’s convenient using a smart phone … or a computer application for keeping a work or events diary …

… the Arts Diary – appointment book can be used for several reasons supplementing our technological diary a lot.

Firstly, it comes with beautiful photos of contemporary African art with a little bio of each artist and their contacts.

Secondly, it helps you know more of the artists based in Kenya ... or just refreshes your mind on who they’re if you’re familiar with them and their work.

If you aren’t familiar with contemporary art of East Africa … then the arts diary gets you there faster.

Meet Artists Based In Kenya

The arts diary is a chance for you to meet with visual artists based in Kenya. It shows you their different works … styles … and gives their brief bios and contacts.

This is Kenya visual arts made portable … well, maybe just a glimpse of it for there are many other visual artists within the country and of different nationalities.

The 2018 arts diary or appointment book carries works of art by some renowned or seasoned artists living in Nairobi and its environs.

Some Of The Featured Artists Include ...

  • Shine Tani
  • Mercy Kagia
  • Fitsum Berhe
  • Joseph Bertiers
  • Olivia Pendergast
  • Jimnah Kimani
  • Nani Croze
  • Charles Ngatia
  • Joseph Cartoon
  • Anne Mwiti
  • Allan Githuka
  • Elimo Njau
Nani Croze gives speech at the Nairobi National MuseumNani Croze - Founder Of The Kenya Arts Diary Makes A Speech During The 2018 Diary Launch At The Nairobi National Museum - Elimo Njau Artist/Director Paa Ya Paa Arts Centre And His Wife Philda Ragland Looks On - Photo/Isaac Miriri

The Arts Diary/appointment book was founded by Nani Croze, founder of the Kitengela Glass and Art Centre. This is the 8th edition.

It is made possible with the help of the Heinrich Boell Foundation, the National Museums of Kenya, among others.

The proceeds from the appointment book sales goes into facilitating art residencies at the Kitengela Glass and Art Centre.

Colorful Art Prints On The Kenya Arts Diary

Prints of beautiful works of arts … paintings … sculptures – and drawings in the arts diary make your life a little more interesting.

The photos sit side-by-side with a week’s appointments list page … hence you keep on seeing them whenever you work your appointment book.

You can get a copy of the Kenya Arts Diary 2018 at the Nairobi National Museum gift shop … Nani's Kitengela Glass and Art Centre. It's also available at art galleries and bookstores.

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