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The Art Gallery Directory is a guide into the top art galleries in Nairobi.

The art scene in the city has come of age within the past few years … there are regular Contemporary East African Art exhibitions taking place in the leading art galleries.

This is great for the art lovers and collectors alike.

A gallery inside the Nairobi National MuseumThe Kenya Arts Diary 2018 Art Exhibition At The National Museums Of Kenya - Nairobi - Photo/Isaac Miriri

The Nairobi Art Galleries have most of the visual arts including … paintings, drawings, sculptures, photos, and installations among others.

Here is a simple Art Gallery Directory for Nairobi City ... it can help you schedule what to see and buy in the shortest time possible.

One Off Contemporary Art Gallery

One Off Contemporary Art Gallery represents some of the finest East African artists … and hence the guarantee of quality artworks any given time of the year.

One Off is led by Director and Curator Carol Lees who brings to the table a wealth of art curating and gallery management of over 20 years.

Banana Hill Art Gallery

Banana Hill Art Gallery offers contemporary African art featuring paintings and sculptures from East Africa … although they represent artists from across Africa.

This is one art gallery that has been around for a long time. It has supported many artists along the way.

Banana Hill Art Gallery is located at the fringes of Nairobi and Kiambu County in Banana Hill Town.

Red Hill Art Gallery

Red Hill Art Gallery of contemporary African art has its own large art collection. The artworks are collected from various African artists.

Some are recent works mostly from East Africa whereas others date over 20 years old – “A Good Shepherd” Linocut by the late John Muafangeo is one of his exceptional artworks in the gallery. The piece is dated 1974.

Circle Art Galllery

Circle Art Gallery is the gallery space of Circle Art Agency which has been putting together the commercial Modern and Contemporary East African Art Auction in Nairobi since 2013.

The art auction has since become the most anticipated art event in the Nairobi Arts calendar.

Circle Art Agency holds exhibitions in their gallery, elsewhere, and internationally at art fairs.

The Art Space

The Art Space is an independent art space in Nairobi, Kenya. It’s helping grow the visual arts in Nairobi with its commercial online gallery and alternative show spaces.

The Art Space is a link to the contemporary art market providing modern art from Africa.

Sarang Art Gallery

Sarang Art Gallery is a shop for contemporary African art coming in various sizes and from a large variety of artists.

Sarang Art Gallery is located within the Central Business District of Nairobi City … and in London UK.

Polka Dot Art Gallery

Polka Dot Gallery is located at The Souk in Nairobi’s Karen area. It positions itself as a unique space for people to immerse themselves in the contemporary arts of both the local and international artists.

Nairobi Gallery is a National Museums of Kenya art gallery located within downtown Nairobi. This gallery houses the Murumbi art collection.

Nairobi National Museum exhibits artworks within its galleries. It’s located at the Museum Hill.

This Art Gallery Directory isn't exhaustive as there are other galleries in Nairobi.

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