Nairobi Arts Guide Founder and Publisher

Mwaniki Miriri

Hi! My name is Mwaniki Miriri … I’m the founder and publisher of the Nairobi Arts Guide (

The arts and culture in Nairobi fascinates me a lot … I’ve come to think that maybe it’s because of the delightful – visual, performing, literary — or the collective arts found in Nairobi.

It’s fun interacting with the Nairobi arts. The arts in the city represent Africa and a mixture of modernism. This has happened for over 10 years. This is a result of my love for the arts and culture and their respective spaces.

I’ve played different roles within the Nairobi arts. I’ve written on the arts for online publications and The People Daily National Newspaper.

More About Miriri … 

Mwaniki Miriri has a background in photography, writing about the arts as a freelance writer for a local newspaper, and online publications. He’s gone on to learn copywriting – the art of writing to sell a service or a product … hence becoming a copywriter.

He enjoys learning, or getting to know what individuals or businesses involved in selling services or products are all about … and packaging the same information in the business or individual’s voice highlighting the benefits why one would consider the service or product on offer.

He’s also into making websites/blogs just like this one –


Mwaniki enjoys huge support from his partner Kari wa Mwani as she’s fondly known as. Her love and support enables him to joyfully carry on with his day-to-day work activities.


Why say us, while I’m mainly talking about myself? The main reason is because it’s not about me … it’s about the many other people that make it happen behind the scenes.

It’s about the collaborations that can happen between us – the and you. Yes, you the artist and professionals who work in the arts field.

My fascination and interaction with the arts – culture – artists and the people who run the arts fulfills me a lot.

Are you an artist, or involved in running one discipline of the arts? I would like to share your story, event, success, or advice that you may have about the Nairobi arts and culture.

Feel free to contact me using the contact us form or call me by following this link.