The Ultimate Guide to the Kenya Arts

The Ultimate Nairobi Guide is your go-to resource for all things art in the capital city and Kenya in general. It seeks to bridge the gap between those seeking for information about the arts within the city and the country as a whole.

The Nairobi Arts Guide is about you finding the relevant info about the arts in the Kenyan Capital City — what is happening, when, and where.

It’s also the place for comprehensive reports about the art centers, art galleries, museums – cultural centers – artists, business opportunities within the creative industry, and more.


Art Galleries in Nairobi

Nairobi visual Art is thriving going by the number of outstanding art events and activities at the top art galleries and agencies.

Notably, some galleries offer high quality original contemporary African Art by artists within the Kenya’s capital … and the East African region.

These works of art are a production of artists within the city who come from Kenya and different countries of East Africa.

Also available are works of art from international artists living in Nairobi.

Nairobi has seen art collectors buying contemporary African art in form of paintings and sculptures during the Circle Art Agency Art Auctions in the city.

Art and Cultural Centers

Nairobi has various art centers. Each art center is unique in a certain way.

These provide you a substantial amount of art experience … from production to high quality finished artworks.

The city has several local and foreign cultural centers that present Kenya, Africa and foreign cultures and some art too.

African Cultural Heritage and Museums

There are some notable museums. They are the Nairobi National Museum, the Karen Blixen Museum … and the Nairobi Railways Museum.

Other places of African cultural heritage interest are the Bomas of Kenya, the National Archives within the city center, and the African Heritage house.

Fredrick Abuga in his art studio at the Kuona Art Centre

Nairobi Arts Reflect Kenya And East Africa

The arts here are typically what you might find in any city … only here there’s a touch of Africa.

Some are with an African cultural twist … and some are informed by the day-to-day lifestyles of Nairobi and some global issues.

We highlight the major Nairobi annual art events and festivals …  as well as the occasional ones … and anything in between.

Art and photo exhibitions make up a huge part of the arts and entertainment calendar.

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